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About Us

HCL Machine Works was established in 1947 by Walt Hansen, Archie Clayhold, and Hans Larsen. In the early years, HCL focused primarily on farm equipment repair and modifications. In 1973, the current owner, Sherrill Campbell, took over the operation of HCL. For the better part of the next three decades, Sherrill grew the business and added several products that are exclusive to HCL.

HCL has repaired, developed, and manufactured seed bed cappers and decappers, narrow row cotton picker kits, defoliation booms, and other custom farm equipment and implements that are used in the agricultural industry of California’s Central Valley. In addition, HCL has developed several products that are exclusive to their brand. These include the LIV-Powr hydraulic system for crawler tractors and the HCL 10’ and 12’ compost turners.

In 1998, Casey Campbell became director of sales and marketing. The collaborative management approach that HCL embraces will ensure that it provides its customers with dependable, reliable, and affordable equipment for decades to come.

In addition to the manufacturing of the LIV-Powr hydraulic systems and compost turners, HCL services its customers in the following capacities:

  • Equipment Repair
  • Equipment Customization
  • Equipment Design and Manufacturing
  • Automated Shape-Cutting.

Finally, we would like to thank you for visiting HCL Machine Works and for providing us with the opportunity to serve you.

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